Welcome to the planner that you’ll be rushing to fill out everyday. Handmade, crafted around you and delivered straight to your door.

Say goodbye to holding everything in your head

No more constant scribbling on post-it notes and buying countless diaries and notepads. From your first consultation, I’ll get to know you, your day-to-day and the illustrious future you’re dreaming of..

My Process

Your planner is an extension of you, so let’s start there. We’ll catch up over a coffee or a video call, allowing me to get to know you.

Together, we craft pages and planning sheets that’ll allow you to hit the productivity button every single day. Once we’ve decided what’s going in your planner, I do the hard work for you, lovingly putting it together by hand. From beautiful bindings to covers and cloth bags… this is truly a diary for life. I’ll talk you through all the options and show you every insert before it’s lovingly created.

In 3-4 weeks, you’ll be holding the perfect companion for your busy life.

Want to start exploring your handmade journey to perfect planning?

Some of My Recent Designs


Looking for Corporate & Gifts?

My custom designed notebooks are treasured by schools, corporations and charities alike. With hundreds of colours to choose from, a wide array of bindings and completely unique designs, the sky really is the limit!