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The real face behind The Wright Stationery.

I guess you’ve found The Wright Stationery because, like me, you’re searching for the perfect antidote to your busy life. Ok, let’s dive into the backstory.... a few years ago I was a first-time mum, juggling university, managing a home and working full-time. I was spinning so many plates that ‘dizzy’ didn’t even cover it!

So I invested in every tool I could find… I guarantee you, no high-street planner escaped the pressure of my scrawling pen - that’s for sure!

Before long I realised that conventional stationery wasn’t going to work for me

I started creating my own custom designs, beautiful templates and functional inserts. My friends and family watched as I went from stressed-out survivor, to serenely scheduled superwoman… they wanted in. My first ever order was for 5 bespoke planners! I was so excited and stressed… suddenly, I needed a process. Luckily, I knew a girl that could make a planner for that!

And that is how The Wright Stationery was born…


About The Wright Stationery

Unlike picking up a planner from your local stationery store, or ordering one online, working with me is so much more than just the physical product.

In order to create a solution that filters every corner of your life, we take the time to get to know you, your routine and your goals. We understand what you want from your full and vibrant life! You want to be the super successful business woman that has a plan for the next 3 months, 6 months or year - but you can’t seem to get that far ahead.

My mission is...

to provide you with an all-encompassing organisational solution, with everything you need in one place. You’ll never waste your money on planners you don’t get on with ever again! From bespoke pages, planning sheets and calendars, to beautifully handmade covers and designs… every step of the process is curated with your future in mind.

From our Lymington based studio, your handmade stationery comes to life! We use local businesses wherever possible - as well as the highest quality materials. All our pieces are luxurious and unique, put together with minimal waste and maximum care. The Wright Stationery 3 years old and proudly British, with every single one of our designs coming straight from my mind, to your desk.


Want to join the family?

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